Badoo Development office

Legend of Tsvetnoy business center, 2 Tsvetnoy blvd, Moscow

The office has mixed planning — working openspace is designed for 122 workplaces. It is located alongside the glass walls around the perimeter of the building. The inner space is divided only by structural columns. Each of the meeting rooms deserves special attention. Originally they were supposed to be simply numbered, but since Badoo is a dating site — to call meeting rooms by names of the places where usually people meet. The idea was developed and Badoo is probably the only office in Russia, which has its own «Bar» — where one wall has a spectacular lighting; the «Night club» meeting room is decorated with 40 posters. There is also «Cinema» room, and its name speaks for itself, and «Library» room — perhaps the most exotic place for dating — a library, in which there is no book shelf or cabinet, and the books are hanging on the wall, ignoring gravity.