Introvert house

The design of a residential complex in one of the old districts of Moscow was carried out in accordance with the technical and economic requirements of the developer company, which determined the parameters of the site development with an area of ​​about half a hectare. At the same time, the customer did not have any stylistic preferences. One of the main limitations was the degree of insolation. The analysis determined the height to 6 floors, not allowing to build a simple block with specific apartments. Finally, the architects managed to turn the flaws into virtues: a limitation in height set the outline of the building and led to the appearance with many terraces and apartments with an attic.

The massing solution, therefore, is based on these features and allows maximum use of permissible heights. After studying the historical experience of high-density construction and complex insolation, the architects and consultants of the za bor architects developed a project based on millennia-old building philosophy. The main source of inspiration were the hutongs — traditional Chinese streets, consisting of groups of buildings, as a rule, four houses facing the courtyard. Dense buildings and a dangerous environment of the cities in ancient China forced architects to solve complex problems associated with insolation and security. Modern architects have reinterpreted ideas, proven by centuries, to create an ideal residential complex with expressive architecture and a pleasant interior space, facing like a hutong, inside the territory. The suitable name — «introvert house» was suggested. Any person in megapolis sooner or later gets tired of a frenzied rhythm, and wants to relax and abstract from the active life of a big city, sometimes to be an introvert.

Therefore, developing a high-end residential complex, the architects paid special attention to perimeter control and creating an isolated interior space that allows quiet life, surrounded by greenery, practically in the center of the city. The level of the inter-house territory was omitted to increase the usable area. Since the yard is designed as a completely safe recreation zone for the residents of the complex and their children, cars do not have access there – the garage is underground.

The minus first floor provides an additional service for residents — facilities for seasonal storage, as well as technical rooms and communications. The first floor was decided to be allocated to commercial areas, while the technical and economic requirements for the volume of the housing were fully met and the project was treated without uniform planning decisions, meeting the needs of different categories of tenants.


Land area — 0.448 ha
The residential area — 12 886 sq.m.

Underground area – 3 696 sq.m.
Ground area – 9 190 sq. M.

Number of floors – 6 (including one underground part)
Number of apartments – 78 (100%)

One-room – 20 (25,6%)
Two-room apartments – 29 (37.3%)
Three-room apartments – 25 (32%)
Four-room apartments – 4 (5.1%)

The total area of ​​apartments – 6 075 sq.m.

The area of ​​commercial premises 1051.7 sq.m.
The area of ​​seasonal storage 360 sq.m.
Underground parking – 90 cars

FLOOR AREA: 12886 М2