Bank’s IT office

Moscow, Russia

This office is designed for the bank unit, which deals with digital component of business processes. Its style is a mix of banking presentability and the bright, dynamic forms of IT industry. The area is arranged as an open space, and looped around the structural core of the building. The zoning of the office is defined by floor-to-ceiling windows on one of the facades of the business center. The working areas are set up near the windows and the meeting rooms and other premises are located close to the core.

Office windows give panorama view of plant pipes and the glass buildings facades. The magnificent industrial landscape is embedded into the working space: glass volumes and symmetrical rows of soffits resemble towers of office high-rises, and rounded partitions with graded matting on milled windows is a reference to the CHP cooling towers.

The office space is also divided according to job function. It has two levels: semi-transparent rounded cabinets designed for the department managers, and large isolated office with a reception for company director.

The project has many complex elements: plant pots from plate steel, glass wardrobes, broad cabinets with wood veneer facing, isolated rooms for telephone calls. The ceiling with exposed utility lines is decorated with strip lights. Colors are chosen according to the client’s corporate identity.