Nezhinskaya apartment

The apartment was acquired in the residential complex «Kutuzovskaya Riviera» which is located in the west of Moscow, in a very attractive location: the house is surrounded from three sides by a forest park, near the river Setun. Without finishing the apartment space which is free of columns and other structural elements makes an almost perfect square on the blueprint. However, a small number of windows on two sides set firm restrictions as the task was to divide space into two bedrooms and children’s room, having in mind the necessity of providing them with daylight.

In the public areas the only source of natural light is a panoramic window which offers a spectacular view of the city. It is directed to the northeast so the vast room is illuminated by direct sunlight quite seldom. In order to eliminate this disadvantage lighting calculations were carried out which allowed to achieve optimal lighting at any time of the day. Very concise spotlights by XAL were mounted in a complex polygonal box which became the main «attraction» of the interior.

Living room, kitchen and dining area were united in a common area which occupies about half of the apartment. The zoning is carried out with the help of diverse flooring – the kitchen is marbled and in the living room and dining room – the floor is wooden. Stained glass also adds to zoning at the same time serving as a decorative element and a kitchen apron. The decoration is made by natural materials of a neutral palette – an array of American walnut, travertine, and river pebbles are used near windows as filling. When choosing a primary color for the project architects settled on shades of white which work together with single-color painted walls, marble and kitchen fronts. Dark floor makes a good contrast to the white background. The feeling of free space was achieved with simple furniture, shelving and light colors. Laconic forms and soft, neutral tones of decoration and furniture formed a very calm and sterile interior which has become the perfect backdrop for the things brought in by tenants.

Quite quickly a neutral flat acquired its own character: numerous shelves got filled with souvenirs and objects from flat owner’s collection – they are people with many different hobbies. Entire collection of «interesting things» settled in large racks. As a result, they have created a mottled background, softening the architectural consistency of a neutral interior.