Yandex Yekaterinburg office

Palladium business center, 10 Khohryakova str, Yekaterinburg

As the building is almost round in the plan with a bank of lifts and technical rooms at the center, there were surely problems with insolation of working spaces. The decision was to place the gym and kitchen and other recreational zones and utility spaces which do not require daylight at bank of lifts. All work areas are located in the well-lit space along panoramic windows of the business center. The reception is designed by za bor architects. The use of inclined oblique-angled designs in corridors made it possible to separate some conference pods for 2-3 people. All the office working premises are covered with wooden and cork panels which have not only aesthetic but also sound-proof effect. The effect is strengthened by sound-proof paneling Ecophon. All the Internet and electrocommunications are hidden in the false floor. It can be easily and quickly accessed at any point if necessary simply by removing one or several fragments of the floor covering.