Radisson Blu Riverside Moscow

za bor architects developed a competition project for the new Radisson Blu Riverside Moscow. The emphasis is on simple but effective graphic solution of the facade and the efficient use of the complex’s resources.

The building is a complex of two buildings united by a two-storey stylobate. Floors three through eighteen are occupied by hotel rooms; parking and carwash are on the ground floor. Stylobate has two floors where the lobby, restaurants, business and wellness centers, swimming pool, offices, laundry rooms and other recreational, service and technical rooms are situated. The hotel lobby is carried out as two tiers of windows space, with conifers “sprouting” through the two floors as the main element. The showcase around trees serves as a light well, providing additional insolation lobby and acts as an aesthetic element.

The main entrance to the hotel is located on the first level. The roof of the second level of the stylobate is covered with grass, and is used as a recreational area, which provides access to the river and the summer restaurant’s terrace. In case of emergency it can be used for the entrance by rescue services.

Since the main and obvious advantage of the area is the proximity to the water, the projected hotel buildings are oriented towards river. Thus almost all the rooms have a river-view.

Aesthetic solution of the facade is based on geometric patterns. In daylight facade has a pronounced rhythmic pattern, in the evening – is painted in warm colors. At night, due to the gradient backlight system it is covered with soft light spots which respond to the switching on and off the lights in the windows. Thus the hotel at any time will have an attractive appearance which will help the building become a landmark and in turn to attract more guests.

The aluminum ventilated facades with standard «Aventa» system modules of local production were used in order to reduce the construction cost. Almost all the windows have the same size, which is another cost-saving factor. White facades reflect most of the UV rays which results in significant reduction of average temperatures inside the building. And this has a great effect on maintaining costs in the summer time. Insulation used in the ventilated facade will reduce the seasonal fluctuations of temperature in the premises which will also help to decrease the cost of air-conditioning and heating.

In addition standard presence detection systems that turn off unused electrical appliances and lightning should be installed.

As the building of such height requires high water pressure it is rational to organize a combined water supply system. On the upper floors water-pressure and hydropneumatic tanks should be used. The lower floors with a greater water withdrawal level due to allocation of laundry, car wash, swimming pool, kitchen can take advantage of a water main. The water lifting system and air compressors should be mainly powered at night to reduce energy costs.

The hotel has a swimming pool and a decorative pond that is situated in the surrounding area. It is appropriate to use it for bioremediation (using natural filters and embryophytes) of ozonated or chlorinated water from the swimming pool. Later on this water can be used for watering plants on site. In addition it is suggested to organize a floor-by-floor water-collecting system that would allow the reuse of water for draining purposes after recycling it with coarse filters.

DESIGN: 2015
FLOOR AREA: 47067 М2