House by the river

This house is located in a prestigious place on the outskirts of Moscow. A small river runs right along the plot, which is unique in itself. Apart from the house, there are two garages and a pavilion with a kitchen on the bank of the river.

This is probably the largest and most ambitious of the projects realised for a private client by the renowned Russian architectural studio za bor. It started out as a typical box (with a total area of 450 square metres) with a large round bay window facing the courtyard. But despite the high quality of construction, the building did not meet the requirements of the owners: they planned to accommodate a huge number of rooms – from technical rooms, home cinema, gym, swimming pool, library to a large public area, several bedrooms, including children’s bedrooms, guest rooms with their own bathrooms and dressing rooms. Therefore, the building was added on and rebuilt, increasing its area more than three times. The renovated house now accommodates 62 rooms.

In the basement floor there is a boiler room and technical rooms serving, among others, the swimming pool. Next to them there is a gym and a sauna. On the ground floor, if you enter the house from the side of the garage (from the rear facade), behind a large hall – are located pool and lift, library, further – kitchen, living room with dining room and fireplace corner (from it you can go to the terrace overlooking the river). There is also a children’s room and several guest bedrooms. On the first floor there is another living room, several bedrooms and access to balconies and terraces. The largest one faces the river and has sun loungers in summer. On the third floor there are two studies connected by a small winter garden and the master bedroom, which leads to a spacious bathroom and a large dressing room.

A key role was given to the three-level atrium, which is not only beautiful in its own right, but also fulfils the practical task of illuminating the central part of the house. “Thanks to it, we compensated for the lack of natural light,” explains Arseniy Borisenko, head of the za bor architectural studio. – The entire public area of the house, which is located on the ground, first, second and partly third floors, is built around a central light well, covered by a zenith lantern from above.” There are also a large number of windows (there are 39 in total in the house!) – also to provide natural light. “But this is also an important aesthetic point,” Arseniy continues. – Thanks to the many windows, the facade is decorated with a whole system of large frames framing the window openings. The whole architecture, the whole image of the house is based on this.

A complex, dynamic form is the signature of the za bor workshop. Arseny says: “Many people are convinced that we make ‘spectacular corners’. We won’t dissuade anyone. The main thing here is not the form, but its functional content. The architect is convinced that comfort created through layout and original solutions does not need a special object environment. The proof: a space organised by za bor, consisting of multi-level, complexly composed volumes, subordinated to a logical structure. At the same time, it is expressively rich through a variety of finishes. A space in which, as Arseny says, “interior objects appear only where they are actually needed”.

Architecture, Commercial interiors


Design and Construction: 2019

Total area: 1600 m²