Castrol BP office

British company Castrol, part of the BP group, is a leading manufacturer of motor oils. Despite the company’s reputation for a strict corporate style, expressive and vibrant solutions from the za bor architectural studio were chosen for the expansion and renovation of its Moscow office. Within the confines of the brand guidelines, architects were able to literally embody the company’s slogan, “It’s more than just oil. It’s liquid engineering.”

The updated open spaces are filled with dynamic and colorful elements—broken volumes for meeting rooms and cafeterias. Original sectional lighting fixtures, designed by za bor, can be seen in the main corridors and some conference rooms, with a total length of their segments exceeding 100 meters.

Commercial interiors

Moscow, Paveletskaya Square, 2, BC «Paveletskaya Plaza»

Design and construction: 2012-2013

Total area: 2025 м²