za bor is an architectural studio founded in Moscow in 2003 by architects Petr Zaitsev and Arseniy Borisenko. The company’s main activities include design of residential and public buildings, private houses and cottages; interior design of office and residential objects.

The studio’s projects are contemporary in style, characterised by an abundance of architectural techniques used in both volumetric design and interior design. Another distinctive feature of za bor’s projects is the dynamic, complex form. This is particularly evident in the interiors, as the architects have specially designed furniture and furnishings for almost all of the projects.

Today, za bor has all the necessary permits and licences and has a successful international practice. The studio’s portfolio is diverse and includes both private houses and interiors of flats and flats, as well as commercial facilities: offices, hotel and business complexes, territory development projects and urban planning concepts.

Customised items

At the customer’s request, we can create individual pieces of furniture, decorative and artistic elements. Each such item is made from quality materials, according to the most suitable unique sketches for the given interior.

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