Company office «Energon»

The client required a bright, spacious open space with dedicated meeting places for a diverse group of people. The Delta line of batteries, Energon’s flagship product, had a strong influence on the office – it was decided to use the branded orange colour of the products in its design. The office occupies two floors of the business centre, including lift halls separated by glass partitions – the main reception area is located in one of them. Heads of departments in the new office sit in the same room with their employees, only the top management of the company has offices. The long corridor leading to the escape stairs was used to create informal socialising areas, as well as to provide space for a small kitchen and a large bar counter where up to 10 employees can dine at the same time. In this way, the minimally decorated interior has only one dominant element – a brightly coloured ceiling structure that creates dynamics and unifies the whole space.” It is made of lightweight and safe material and integrates light sources and fire safety features (such as smoke detectors and sprinklers). In addition, it absorbs and muffles sounds, which is very important for work. The use of warm colours stimulates mental activity, and when the roller blinds are closed, the office is filled with a pleasant orange light and feels like being on Mars. At the client’s request, special attention was paid to the use of only tested, sanitary and ecologically certified materials. High-quality workplaces and a healthy office atmosphere were prioritised in the planning, even though the project deadlines were extremely tight.


Commercial interiors


Design and construction: 2018-2018.

Total area: 750 m²