iCore office

The iCore company is a dynamically growing IT company specializing in integrating multimedia technologies into business processes. The company’s management decided that the office interior should reflect its key priorities: innovation, dynamic, and successful development.

The office is located on two floors in a new business center, with a smaller portion on the third floor (180 sq. m) and a larger portion on the fourth floor (530 sq. m). The fourth-floor area received the most attention as it not only houses workspaces but also serves as a reception area for visitors and partners. The office spaces are stretched along a central corridor axis and needed to be divided into zones with different levels of access. To achieve this, architects applied several zoning methods, including open shared spaces (open spaces), semi-enclosed shared spaces (areas reserved for higher-level pass holders separated by glass partitions), and individual offices, which allowed for comfortable workspaces and controlled access areas.

The company’s key values are fully reflected in the stylistic and visual design of the interior. The design aimed to demonstrate the dynamic development of modern technologies and the company’s ambition to be at the forefront of progress, while also incorporating the corporate colors. Architects successfully realized these objectives by playing on the company’s name— “iCore” (which can be translated as “information core”). The solution is graphically and visually evident: from the glass “core” of the conference room, a perspective of the corridor unfolds, with other rooms “connected” to it through color, materials, and forms, forming a powerful visual center, the “core” of the office. However, the development of the workspace prioritized ergonomic and employee comfort considerations.

Comfort is one of the cornerstone aspects of office organization, and the architectural studio za bor always pays special attention to this aspect. One of the main challenges in large offices is constant background noise created by employees and office equipment, which hinders focused work. One interesting solution used in the project was the application of modern sound-absorbing material Isocork, made from pressed cork oak bark. It covers ceilings and some walls, significantly reducing the acoustic characteristics of the halls, making them more suitable for accommodating a large number of people simultaneously. By intelligently utilizing a relatively modest budget, the architects succeeded in creating an active, dynamic interior where the complex volumes and their color graphics synergistically set the rhythm, visually expand the office space, and make it visually appealing and interesting.

Commercial interiors

Moscow, st. Sharikopodshipnikovskaya 13, building 1

Design and construction: 2016

Total area: 710 м²