The office of the developer company «Ostrova»

This project required the design of a freestanding building for the sales office of a property developer. It is important to mention that the building is located in the city centre, despite the favourable location the site on which the building is erected has been abandoned for a long time, however, thanks to the project, thanks to the efforts of the client company the wasteland has been improved and turned into a public garden for the citizens. Moreover, most of the ground floor of the sales office is rented space, which is occupied by cafes and shops. This solution has turned a relatively small building and the surrounding public garden into a recreational dominant feature of the neighbourhood, actively used by local residents all year round. The total area of the two-storey building is 1500 sqm, 800 sqm is occupied by the first floor with the developer’s office; 700 sqm of the ground floor, of which 200 sqm is allocated to the customer reception area and sales office, the rest is rented out as commercial space. In the future these areas can be utilised for the client’s own needs.
For the building itself, the building spot was clearly delineated parallel to the red line, i.e. parallel to the boundaries between the public garden and the carriageway street, so it serves as a kind of boundary between the city and the public garden space and is designed accordingly.

Architecture, Commercial interiors


Design and construction: 2020-2021.

Total area: 1500 m²