Yandex office in Kazan

The office is located on the sixteenth floor of the Kazan business center “Suvar Plaza”. In terms of layout, the space resembles a trapezoid, with a corridor running approximately along its median line from the main entrance to the fire exit. The office spaces are organized around this corridor system, with four open-space blocks positioned on either side of the corridor, each accommodating 6-13 workstations.

The main areas used for client interactions are situated near the main entrance, which features a reception area, two meeting rooms, a lecture hall, and a dining area. Further down the corridor are the workspaces and the manager’s office, which resembles a glass lantern protruding into the corridor and serving as a zoning element that partially separates two adjacent open spaces from each other.

Continuing along the corridor, there is a gym and shower facilities located further down.

Commercial interiors

Kazan, st. Spartakovskaya 6, Business Center «Suvar Plaza»

Design and construction: 2010-2012

Total area: 647 м²