«Yandex» office in Moscow

The Moscow office of “Yandex” is situated across 7 floors within one wing of the “Krasnaya Roza – 1” business center on Leva Tolstogo Street. The office layout is intricate, organized around the building’s core, which runs through the spaces almost centrally. As a result, the areas adjacent to this core on each floor mainly house utility and sanitary rooms, while offices are situated alongside open spaces within the office.

In terms of color, the office adopts a fairly tranquil palette, with neutral tones dominating. Intense orange was chosen for the representative zones to inject vibrancy into the office space, underscore the dynamic development and philosophy of the company, and create a memorable interior that delights both clients and employees.

Commercial interiors

Moscow, st. Lev Tolstoy, 16

Design and construction: 2009-2010

Total area: 7000 м²