«Yandex» office in Odessa

The business center building has a light well around which all office areas are located. Directly adjacent to the atrium are rooms that do not require intense lighting – meeting rooms, a lecture hall and other areas that are not used constantly. The bureau was faced with the task of creating an unusual and memorable representative office. The project unobtrusively uses marine motifs, since Odessa stands on the shores of the Black Sea, which is emphasized with the help of original details, for example, light-scattering sails made of banner fabric, copper wall coverings reminiscent of the sides of ships or steam boilers of steamships, huge round mirrors – portholes, and the white streamlined flower beds are modern yachts or submarines. The seaside atmosphere is aggravated by the blue color of the carpet and film used to tint the glass of office partitions, and photo wallpaper with reeds, waves, bridges, and pebbles. Nevertheless, all these visual delights are completely justified and carry, in addition to aesthetic and functional significance. For example, “sails,” among other things, dampen sound, flower beds serve as zoning elements separating work areas from the corridor, and so on.

Commercial interiors


Design and construction: 2011-2012

Total area: 1760 м²