Yandex office in Yekaterinburg

The office occupies a circular floor plan with the elevator bank and technical rooms located at the center. To solve the issue of natural light for the work areas, they were positioned along the perimeter of the building near the windows, while the gym, kitchen, and other recreational spaces that do not require natural light were placed near the elevator bank. Several intimate meeting rooms were created from the corridor space using angled partitions. The reception area with the lobby essentially serves as part of the corridor.

Cork and wooden panels in the work areas not only contribute to aesthetics but also have sound-absorbing properties, further enhanced by materials like Ecophon. Engineering utilities are concealed within the raised floor system, and due to the tiled flooring, they can be easily accessed by simply removing one or more sections of carpeting.

Commercial interiors

Ekaterinburg, st. Khokhryakova 10, BC «Palladium»

Design and construction: 2009-2010

Total area: 720 м²